Girl's Day Continues Sexy Streak for Disco-Inspired 'Something'

Girl's Day/Twitter

Girl's Day

The K-pop quartet brings its innocent-meets-provocative charisma for groovin' new single.

K-pop quartet Girl's Day had an exciting 2013, gaining a second wind of popularity with "Expectation" and "Female President" -- top 10 hits on the K-Pop Hot 100. Just a few days into 2014, the girls dropped new single "Something," which might prove to be the group's hottest moment yet.

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A subtle, electro-fied disco beat is embellished by finger snaps, funky guitar strums, trumpet blasts and breathy "ahs." As usual, Girl's Day's strong, elastic vocals are the centerpiece of the production jumping from a soft head-voice delivery to diva growling. The group coos the story of being the woman who knows her boyfriend is a womanizer, but can't help but stay in love with the bad boy.

The accompanying video shows Girl's Day looking more seductive than ever.

Styled in revealing slit dresses for a majority of the vid, the girls crawl on the floor and flash their thighs performing the provocative choreography. While it provides rather simple dance moves, Girl's Day's sexy-yet-innocent demeanor makes it near impossible to turn away.

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While Girl's Day is able to capture the public attention's with charismatic concepts, the act has been smart in continuing to let its musical talents shine with unique productions instead of putting all its stock in appearance. While "Expectation" and "Female President" came with sexy videos, they were both vocally impressive. "Something" is a further-polished result of this formula that seems likely to smash the the K-Pop Hot 100 soon.  

Watch the sexy live comeback performance of "Something," complete with loads of encouraging fan chants, below.