20 Most Viewed 2013 K-Pop Videos on YouTube in America: Exclusive

PSY, f(x), 2PM

From PSY to a slew of girl and boy bands, here's what 2013 releases got top U.S. viewership on YouTube this year.

After learning that PSY and BIGBANG earned the biggest-selling K-pop singles of 2013 in America and that G-Dragon and SHINee sold the most K-pop albums Stateside this year, K-Town now reveals the K-pop videos Americans watched the most this year from 2013.

According to an exclusive report courtesy of YouTube, PSY's "Gentleman," Girls' Generation's "I Got a Boy" and EXO's "Growl" were the K-pop videos Americans watched the most in 2013. The report only includes videos uploaded between Dec. 31, 2012, to Dec. 20, 2013. 

While PSY's "Gentleman" at No. 1 should come as no surprise -- it's the most-viewed YouTube video of the year -- the runner-ups are particularly interesting.

Despite Girls' Generation unleashing an international single with 2011's "The Boys" released in English, Korean and Japanese, the girl group phenom hasn't paid much attention to the American market since. With "I Got a Boy" gaining U.S. acclaim (e.g. TIME named it the fifth best song of 2013), along with the GG's Japanese single "Galaxy Supernova" landing at No. 11, it seems to show a continued strong American interest in the ninesome.

Even more notable is the No. 3 most-viewed video: EXO's "Growl." After debuting at the top of 2011, the 12-member act inally hit their stride this year with the song -- the boys' breakout hit -- peaking at No. 3 on the K-Pop Hot 100 after past singles hadn't been able to crack the Top 20.

While EXO's "Growl" video, which was shot in one take, is certainly eye-catching and hard to watch just once, the lofty amount of U.S. views for "Growl" (and "Wolf" at No. 5) -- plus high U.S. sales of both singles -- seems to indicate a high American interest in the boy band, along with labelmates Super Junior. Evidence: While Super Junior didn't make a comeback as a whole group, its Chinese-focused subgroup Super Junior-M sees its "Breakdown" video at the No. 9 slot.

Below PSY and EXO is 2NE1 with "Falling in Love," the girl group's first music video in a year. 2NE1 held an two-date arena tour in the United States, earning a slew of U.S. press following the trek.

Curiously, follow-up videos "Do You Love Me" and "Missing You" don't make the To 20, likely due to the former straying from K-pop's typical glossy, video set stylings for a candidly-shot visual, while the latter was released just one month ago.

Other notable entries on the list include boy band Beast's "Shadow" video at No. 9, Rainbow's "Sunshine" at No. 14 and SISTAR's "Give It to Me" at No. 15, all of whom did not have much focus on the U.S. this year, but seem to have strongholds on their American fans.

Meanwhile, B.A.P -- who debuted around the same time as EXO -- made the list with its "One Shot" video at No. 17. The boys held a four-date American tour in May.

Check out the Top 20 most-viewed K-pop videos in America, according to YouTube. Read weekly updates about the most-viewed K-pop videos in America, via Billboard's YouTube chart, on K-Town's weekly chart stories. 

20. G-Dragon, "Coup D'Etat"
19. 2PM, "A.D.T.O.Y."
18. Taeyang, "Ringa Linga" (Dance Performance Version)
17. B.A.P, "One Shot"
16. Taeyang, "Ringa Linga"
15. SISTAR, "Give It to Me"
14. Rainbow, "Sunshine"
13. SHINee, "Dream Girl"
12. G-Dragon, "Crooked"
11. Girls' Generation, "Galaxy Supernova"
10. G-Dragon, "GO"
9. Beast, "Shadow"
8. CL, "The Baddest Female"
7. Super Junior-M, "Break Down"
6. f(x), "Rum Pum Pum Pum"
5. EXO, "Wolf" (Korean Version)
4. 2NE1, "Falling in Love"
3. EXO, "Growl" (Korean Version)
2. Girls' Generation, "I Got a Boy"
1. PSY, "Gentleman"