Secret Serves Sweet Jazz-Pop for the Holidays on "I Do I Do"

Secret, "I Do I Do" MV

Until this month, K-pop girl group Secret had only dropped one single in 2013 -- the Top 5 hit "Yoo Hoo." While the track spotlighted Secret's slightly-quirky take on the cute concept, the electro-pop jam saw the quartet forgoing the throwback sound fans were used to hearing in singles like "Madonna" or "Poison."

While "Yoo Hoo" was one of the girls' biggest hits on the K-Pop Hot 100, Secret appears to now be circling back to the formula on latest single "I Do I Do" -- while throwing in a bit of holiday spirit.

Typically, Secret bring more brash instrumentation on singles (e.g. blasting horns on "Poison," funk guitar riffs on "Talk That"), but on "I Do I Do" the approach is subtler with an orchestral opening, soft violins and a very simple chorus.

Secret's simplistic stylings are well suited for the winter time, when K-pop fans are more likely to be in the market for ballads and less trend-driven music. Like IU's 2011 winter smash "You and I" -- the five-week K-Pop Hot 100 No. 1 based around a classical-pop sound -- Secret's new single banks on the idea of simple, feel-good sounds of yesteryears.

The visual for the jazz-pop single mostly sees the Secret gals (curiously dressed in short shorts and skirts) wiggling around a holiday-themed house set while making cute faces at the camera. While it's hardly anything new as far as colorful music videos go, the one-shot filming style is an impressive feat and adds a musical theatre tone to the theatrical tune. Plus, fans may get a kick out of the nostalgic references, like a poster for Eric Carle's beloved children's book, "The Very Hungry Caterpillar."

With acts like EXO, Crayon Pop, Urbana Zakapa and many more all releasing holiday-themed tracks this season, Secret has brought a subtle, sweet approach that could be a dark horse in the running for this year's top holiday K-pop jams.