Top 5 Girls' Generation Videos 'I Got a Boy' Fans Should Watch

Girls' Generation, "I Got a Boy"

The Video of the Year had a massive spike in views after the YouTube Music Awards.


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After snagging the award for Video of the Year at the inaugural YouTube Music Awards, Girls' Generation earned a massive spike in views for their victorious "I Got a Boy" video.

On Nov. 3 -- the day of the awards show -- the music video earned 86,000 global views, up from 25,000 the day before. On Nov. 4, the K-pop visual earned an additional 141,000 global views. The following five days saw an increase of viewership by 327% over the previous five days. Prior to the YTMAs, the clip had fluctuated around 25,000 views a day -- an impressive stat for a video released 11 months earlier.

While the boost didn't return "I Got a Boy" to any Billboard chart, the interest may have helped send the music video for new Japanese single "My Oh My" to No. 13 on the YouTube chart.

Whether it was intrigue or genuine interest that made you one of the hundreds of thousands to watch "I Got a Boy," check out five of their other of Girls' Generation's K-pop videos that are just as worthy of a viewing. 

1. "Gee" (2009)

Those who loved the vibrant hues in "I Got a Boy," will again be visually treated with "Gee." This cute and colorful video was not only a turning point in Girls' Generation history -- their hugely-successful breakout hit -- but also in K-pop video history. Before PSY broke out internationally with "Gangnam Style" and "Gentleman," "Gee" was the most viewed K-pop video ever. It's still the only non-PSY K-pop vid to earn more than 100 million views.

It's not hard to figure out why the video became so addictive, though. Watch the girls play singing mannequins in a clothing store and wiggling around in matching overalls on a dance set.

2. "Genie" (2009)

Released in June 2009, "Genie" was one of the group's earliest attempts to display a sexier side after debuting in mid-2007. The girls showcased their slender legs in army- and air force-inspired costumes amid flashy visual effects. The video was a turning point for the group's videography with what looked like the band's most expensive visual to date -- earlier clips (e.g. "Kissing You," "Hate Love") looked rather cheap in retrospective. A few members sport unfortunate haircuts, but "Genie" can still bewitch viewers years later.

3. "Oh!" (2010)

Curious viewers who got a kick out of watching the girls' hangout session in the intro to "I Got a Boy" will love "Oh!" from the start. In the most colorful dorm room ever, the gals spin around and play video games before busting out cheerleader-inspired choreography.

Even as they break it down in a locker room set, the ninesome never looks cramped in its formations -- a major, lasting strength of Girls' Generation. The same can't be said about some K-pop groups also boasting large amount of members. 

4. "Hoot" (2010)

Watch a few Girls' Generation videos and one thing becomes clear: They love playing dress up. And the ninesome nail the '60s mod siren look in "Hoot." The 2010 visual features some of the band's most fun dancing to date -- look out for the bow and arrow move on the chorus. 

5. The Boys (2011) 

The nonet presented a youthful, funky hipster look in "I Got a Boy," but their previous K-pop single "The Boys" (which had an international English version released, seen below) showcased a mature, high fashion concept. Their looks ranged from Disney princess chic to Soho fashionista.

Like in "IGAB," the girls show off highly-technical choreography -- even as different rows break off into their own dance moves, it all looks totally in-sync. 

Bonus: Watch the Korean version of "The Boys" here

Honorable Mention(s): Girls' Generation's videos for the Japanese market like "Bad Girl," "Mr. Taxi" and "All My Love Is for You" are also delicious eye candies, but fans of "I Got a Boy" were enjoying a K-pop video and this list keeps apples with apples, not apples and oranges. With more than 15 million views in two months, maybe recent J-pop single "Galaxy Supernova" will got a YTMA nod at next year's ceremony?