BIGBANG's Taeyang Balances EDM & Hip-Hop on 'Ringa Linga'

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BIGBANG's Taeyang

The BIGBANG rapper/singer enlists bandmate G-Dragon to produce his first solo single in three years.

Taeyang -- the lead vocalist of one of K-pop's most internationally-recognized bands BIGBANG -- dropped new single "Ringa Linga" to preview his upcoming second solo album, complete with two accompanying music videos.

"Ringa Linga" not only breaks Taeyang's lengthy hiatus of three years since his solo debut, "SOLAR," in 2010 and acts as a strong reminder of Taeyang's multiple talents as a vocalist, rapper and dancer who can easily command the spotlight solo. Despite Taeyang's low-key/laid back offstage persona (he's the only member of BIGBANG to have dodged a major scandal or public outrage), Taeyang exudes confidence, charisma and even a bit of cockiness on his latest offering. 

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"Ringa Linga" is a melodic hip-hop-meets-soul cut (composed by bandmate G-Dragon and Jose E. Luna), fused with soaring electronic beats, velvety vocals and rhythmic rapping. Taeyang begins the track, confidently boasting, "My name is T to the A to the E to the Y to the ANG / I'm always burning up fire / Girls cry at my song and body" and continues grooving through the track with his vocal dexterity. The infectious chorus, with the repetitive "ringa linga" and siren-like synths, has an instant sing-along sensibility. 

The official music video (above), which was released on Nov. 9, features bandmate and his longtime friend G-Dragon as well as a posse of his dancers in a backdrop of a factory. 

Two days earlier, Taeyang unveiled a simple choreography-only clip that that looks to have been filmed in one take. In the visual, the 25-year-old flaunts his extravagant footwork, looking almost casual among some of the top dancers he enlisted from the States. There are no fancy outfits, extravagant accessories and dramatic makeup, all which help viewers stay focused on the actual choreography, crafted by New Zealand-bred dancer Parris Goebel. She has previously worked with big names like Jennifer Lopez. 

In recent news, the K-pop star has lined up a U.S. performance this month for MTV Iggy and Intel.