Drunken Tiger, Yoon Mi Rae & Bizzy Find 'The Cure': Exclusive Video Interview

Billboard Korea

Meet South Korean hip-hop legends Bizzy, Drunken Tiger and Yoon Mi Rae.

With a new Top 10 single, the Korean hip-hop legends reveal future recording plans. "This is only the beginning," teases Drunken Tiger

Hip-hop power couple Drunken Tiger and Yoon Mi Rae are perhaps the most respected rap artists in Korea today. The couple revolutionized the Korean music industry through their cultivation of the then-nascent hip-hop genre in Korea during the 1990s and early 2000s. Years later, with longtime collaborator and talented rapper Bizzy by their side, their lives and careers have only gained more momentum. 

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Drunken Tiger, Yoon Mi Rae and Bizzy

The trio started 2013 off with a bang, releasing a project single entitled, "Sweet Dreams," (which peaked at No. 13 on the K-Pop Hot 100 in January, 2013) under the group name MFBTY, an acronym that stands for "My Fans Better Than Yours." The group also contributed to the expansion, and validation, of Korean hip-hop at MIDEM in France, one of the world's largest music festivals.

Months later, the trio is back at it again, continuing their story through the mini-single "The Cure," the first album of three released from the group's upcoming "trilogy" project. The title track, which peaked at No. 6, is an inspirational song dedicated to Tiger's father, who is currently battling cancer. He and Bizzy stridently rap encouraging words, while Yoon Mi Rae mellows things down with her warm vocals.

In honor of the release of "The Cure," and Yoon Mi Rae's No. 1 single "Touch Love," the trio chatted with Billboard in an exclusive video interview about their new album, future promotional plans and the pros of having worked with each other for over a decade.