After School Go to Disco 'Heaven' in New Japanese Single

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After School, "Heaven"

The girl group take a cue from Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" in their latest Japanese release.

K-pop girl group After School releases its new single for the Japanese market, "Heaven," on Wednesday (Oct. 2). After snagging a Top 10 K-Pop Hot 100 hit with the R&B-pop jam "First Love," the octet is going to the disco with a new J-pop single.

Embellished with Nile Rodgers-esque guitar riffs, sizzling snares and dramatic violin licks, the girls showcase their knack for harmonies on the verses before the catchy chorus. One can hear influences of the production Daft Punk's U.S. No. 2 hit "Get Lucky" in the track too; though, no Vocoder-enhanced vocals. Just lyrics translating to racy pillow talk cooing that love-making sessions are like "heaven." 

The accompanying music video's one-minute intro sees the girls bringing out the pole dancing skills they showcased during their promotions for "First Love." Since members Lizzy and Raina were injured during "First Love," the "Heaven" video is the first time all eight members perform on the pole -- at one point, four girls share one.

The rest of the video plays out like an artfully-shot, on-camera seduction as the cameraman gets up close with the girls in a series of dimly-lit sets. The racy lyrics are mirrored by suggestive shots as member Kaeun tugs at the cameraman's tie while Nana and Raina hop underneath bed covers.

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After School's highest-charting Japan Hot 100 entry is a J-pop version of Korean single "Bang!" It hit the Top 10 in September 2011. The subsequent three Japanese singles haven't outcharted it yet, but "Heaven" is a likely contender for After School to push higher on the charts.