Girls' Generation Releases 'Galaxy Supernova' in Japan

Girls' Generation/Facebook

Girls' Generation

The nine-member girl group deliver a synth-y dance track along with b-side "Do the Catwalk."

Girls' Generation release their eighth single for the Japanese market, "Galaxy Supernova," on Wednesday (Sept. 18). Backed by pulsing synths, the ninesome bring a hearty helping of earworm hooks, mostly by repeating single syllables with many do's, eh's and oh's echoing throughout the electro-pop offering. The track pales in comparison to hard-hitting J-pop releases such "Paparazzi" and "Mr. Taxi," but those hooks make it no less likely to get stuck in listener's heads. 

"Galaxy Supernova" will be used in conjunction with the girls' new endorsement deal with Japanese fashion company Samantha Tavasa. The partnership undoubtedly colored the accompanying music, featuring the group dancing in a flashy virtual reality world while rocking multicolored skinny jeans, likely courtesy of their newest sponsor. 

Along with summer single "LOVE & GIRLS," there seems to be a bit of edge missing in Girls' Generation recent releases. Late 2012/early 2013 showed promise of forward-thinking material: "Flower Power" (which peaked at No. 6 on the Japan Hot 100 in December) was a harmony-heavy, robo-pop jam; latest K-pop single "I Got a Boy" (January's two-week K-Pop Hot 100 No. 1) was a grab-bag of genres jumping from drum 'n' bass to clunky electro-pop.

With b-side "Do the Catwalk," Girls' Generation again fall victims to an all-too-easy, though super-catchy, whistle hook. While "Catwalk" is an enjoyable slice of ear candy -- the funky saxophone riffs on the verses are a nice touch -- it feels lackluster next to the banging SNSD J-pop concoctions heard in the past.

Still, expect "Galaxy Supernova" to chart well, if not in the Top 5 of the Japan Hot 100, in the coming weeks.