Huh Gak Drops Breezy Summer Single 'That You're Mine': Listen


Huh Gak

The "Superstar K" balladeer taps rapper Swings for his latest single.

Male soloist and winner of popular South Korean singing competition "Superstar K" Huh Gak released his new track, "That You're Mine," on Tuesday. The song immediately began dominating Korean music charts upon its release. The balladeer, who took a dramatic leap into stardom with his 2011 ballad single “Hello” (which reigned on K-Pop Hot 100 for two weeks), should see some impact on tomorrow's refreshed K-pop chart despite only hours of sales. 

"That You’re Mine" features up-and-coming rapper Swings, and showcases Huh Gak's new musical adventure as he sets aside his signature heart-ripping ballads and returns with a up-tempo track. The reggae-inflected summer jam, which was composed by Golden Doo Hyun and Playful Child (responsible for hits such as Apink’s "Bubibu"), incorporates rhythmic guitar and bass work with a melodic hook with an obvious nod to ska music. The combination of Huh Gak's sensitive and sweet timbre with Swings' sharp rap assault, creates a perfect union. "That You’re Mine" is a love song where he confesses his excitement that his female counterpart is with him with lyrics such as, "That you are mine / Uh uh uh uh, that you're my love / Uh uh uh uh / I want to tell it all / I want to let you know so the whole world knows."

Huh Gak’s "That You’re Mine" is expected to shoot up the K-Pop Hot 100 next week. The ballad meister is no stranger to the top tier of the chart, as his duet track with female vocalist Zia, "I Need You," also topped out at No. 1 in August 2012, dethroning PSY's five-week run at No. 1 with "Gangnam Style." Another single, "That Person That Loved Me," off his 2nd EP, "LACRIMOSO" peaked at No. 2 in April 2011, while his soundtrack single "One Person" peaked at No. 3 in July 2012.