2NE1 Delivers Another Banger With 'Do You Love Me?': Watch



Fans of the group's "I Am The Best" will devour this electro-pop jam.

If reggae-tinged mid-tempo "Falling in Love" threw 2NE1 fans for a loop, their latest, "Do You Love Me?," should satisfy and then some. The new track plays off one of the quartet's biggest hits while borrowing from labelmates BIGBANG along the way.

With a Euro-dance production -- not unsimilar to something Afrojack might cook up -- the track opens with an anthemic spelling of its title, "D-O-Y-O-U-L-O-V-E-M-E?" before moving into the English chorus. The zipping synths recall 2NE1's arguably biggest hit, "I Am The Best." While the focus of "Best" was its monotone chorus and Indian-inspired chant, this new track is centered around a hook even more infectious ("Do you love me like the way I love you, babe?") and big-time belts from both main vocalist Bom and leader CL.

The bridge is sure to delight fans as well as it sounds similar to the final 25 seconds of labelmates BIGBANG's 2012 hit "Fantastic Baby" (listen here), as both employ a euphoric sing-a-long style and similar "yeah yeah yeah" shouts.

Another delight is the song's music video: it looks like 2NE1's home movies shoved through a few Instagram filters. A break from K-pop videos' usual barrage of costumes on expensive sets, fans instead watch the girls frolic at a pool party, drive down the highway and get wild in a bathroom. It's actually a refreshingly nice change from what we've come to expect from glossy K-pop visuals.

Like what they did in "Falling in Love," 2NE1 is showcasing more intricate choreography for the live stage. While it remains simpler than what we've seen from After School or Girls' Generation this year, additional focus on fancy footwork is clear. Fans first got a sense of it with an in-studio "dance version" music video of the new track, revealed a few hours ahead of the official music video.

2NE1's previous single "Falling in Love" is at No. 8 on the K-Pop Hot 100 after four weeks. It peaked at No. 2.