INFINITE's 'Destiny' Music Video: Watch the EDM-Influenced Single's Blockbuster Visual



K-pop boy band INFINITE make a comeback with new EDM-inspired single and a Hollywood-level music video for "Destiny."

INFINITE, one of K-pop's hottest boy bands, has released its second 2013 single: the EDM-influenced "Destiny."

The track has chaotic production, combining dynamic strings, dubstep wobbles and computer bleeps which, at times, seem to drown out the boys. But their exacting vocal and rap skills bring the track together and it never feels too muddled or complicated for the three-year-old group. A falsetto-laden "ooh" hook smoothes over any disorganization, acting as the most memorable part of the single.

INFINITE's past singles such as "The Chaser" or "BTD (Before the Dawn)" were similarly haphazard in structure, but had sections to slow things down and give the listener a quick rest. Even when the instrumental of "Destiny" slows down, the boys are harmonizing over it as the soloist sings. The single is truly non-stop, which could wow listeners, but also possibly turn them off. In any case, it will prove to be (yet another) impressive display of INFINITE's performance endurance when the group takes "Destiny" to the live stage.

The music video is a true blockbuster affair. Filmed in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, the boys showcase completely in-sync choreography in what looks like expensive Hollywood sets. It throws in impressive special effects like Sungyeol's hand bursting into flames, Woohyun blasting into a superheroic Flash-like speed sprint and Sungjong meeting his clone.

INFINITE's last single, "Man in Love," peaked at No. 6 on the K-Pop Hot 100, tying the band's highest-charting single, "Paradise." While "Man" displayed a softer image for the group, this comeback feels like a return to form with its aggressive, high-energy performance.

In related news, INFINITE recently announced its "One Great Step" world tour. It hits 17 cities covering four continents including an NYC and L.A. show.