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Brown Eyed Girls Release 'Recipe' Single: Listen

Anticipation for the girl group's return is high after member Ga In co-starred in PSY's "Gentleman" video.

In less than five days' time, long-running K-pop girl group Brown Eyed Girls announced their return to the K-pop scene and dropped a new track, "Recipe."

Centered around a walking bass line, “Recipe” is a funky, '90s-inspired track embellished with disco dance elements and guitar riffs. The ladies' vocals bounce from soft head voice to attitude-soaked rapping. The translated lyrics use food and cooking metaphors to tell a love interest how they'll flavor the relationship from "hot and sexy" to "sweet and spicy."


The track is a pre-release before their official lead single and album come later this month. In 2012, Brown Eyed released the Latin-flavored "Hot Shot" buzz single before dropping the epically cinematic "Sixth Sense" track.

Excitement over Brown Eyed Girls' return is particularly high after PSY based the dance to his "Gentleman" video around the group's 2009 breakout hit "Abracadabra" and the accompanying hip shakes. He also recruited youngest member Ga In to star in its video. 

Billboard caught up with Ga In less than a week after the video's premiere. She said that she hadn't "received so much love and attention since the release of 'Abracadabra.'" She added, "I am so thankful that PSY gave us the chance to spread Brown Eyed Girls' name through 'Gentleman.'"

The magic of PSY will be put to the test as "Recipe" goes up against 2NE1's comeback single, "Falling in Love," on the K-Pop Hot 100 chart next week. Watch out for the track to make big chart moves in the coming weeks.