After School Pushes Boundaries With 'First Love' Single Concept

PLEDIS Entertainment

K-pop girl group After School is turning a lot of heads with the concept for their new single "First Love."

Teaser photos featuring the eight-member outfit have been released by label Pledis Entertainment featuring everything from fierce, bad girl looks to fresh-faced, clean profiles to member Nana posing topless (above). The latest is a risque shot of the group posing with two poles with leader Jung-Ah and Nana holding themselves at the top. 

The concept may run the risk of being censored in South Korea, where most acts elect to be over-the-top cute, rather than overtly sexy or provocative. PSY's "Gentleman" video made international headlines when it was banned from a TV network because it showed him kicking a traffic cone. Overtly-sexual statements with suggestive outfits and choreography (i.e. girl group RaNia's debut) are normally not allowed.

For the uninitiated, After School is a hitmaking girl group in Korea with an admission-graduation system for its members (they debuted with five for "AH" and numbered nine girls for 2011 single "Shampoo"). The girls brought out a cane dance routine in 2012, tap dance in 2011 and drum line in 2010.

After School last hit the charts with "Flashback" (above) at No. 10 in June with their sub-unit, Orange Caramel, reaching No. 2 with "Lipstick" (below) in September.