Girls' Generation Releases 'LOVE&GIRLS' in Japan; New Albums Ahead


Girls' Generation has released their Japanese single "LOVE&GIRLS" as news swirls of upcoming projects for the group and sub-unit.

The new track is a peppy piece of electro-pop with referee whistles acting as the hook. It's not nearly as quirky as the girls' last original Japanese release "Flower Power" (which peaked at No. 6 on the Japan Hot 100) or as slick as "PAPARAZZI" (a No. 1 hit), so it is difficult to predict a chart performance.

If anything, fans will be happy to see Girls' Generation breaking out of the video sets they seem to always film in to dance with fans at a street carnival for "LOVE&GIRLS."

While promoting the track, the girls will stay busy with new projects confirmed by member Tiffany. In a trip home to her native Los Angeles, she sat down with Danny Im -- veteran K-pop idol from boy band 1TYM who also hosts Asian-American entertainment TV station Mnet America show "Danny From L.A."

When asked about whether fans would hear new music from the Girls' Generation splinter trio Girls' Generation- TTS (also known as Taetiseo), Tiffany spoke about both the group and sub-unit. "We have another album with the nine," she says. "We have another album with the trio. I'm looking forward to both of them."

Tiffany did not specify where the new Girls' Generation album would be released. While it's a safe bet it's not for Korea (their "I Got a Boy" LP was released on January 1), Girls' Generation have yet to release their American album (confirmed in January) and a new Japanese LP could be in the cards as "LOVE&GIRLS" is released.

Additionally, "the trio" is likely referring to Girls' Generation- TTS. It has been speculated that Girls' Generation will use different trio sub-units to showcase different sides of themselves, but Taetiseo was extremely successful with their "Twinkle" EP promotions. The EP currently holds the highest spot for a K-pop act on the Billboard 200, so it's likely the starlet will reunite with Tae Yeon and Seohyun for another trio project.