YG Entertainment Teases 'Who's Next?' as Mysterious '2NE1 Loves' Videos Surface


K-Pop fans wonder: Is a new artist coming to PSY, G-Dragon and BIGBANG's label? Will Kang Seung Yoon finally debut?

Some mysterious online media has left K-pop fans both scratching their heads and wagging their tongues with anticipation. 

Major K-pop label YG Entertainment (home to popular acts PSY, BIGBANG, 2NE1, Lee Hi and more) revealed a graphic with almost all their artist names, a May 28 date and the question 'WHO'S NEXT?' (See the full graphic here). An updated graphic soon followed with almost all the names faded except for 2NE1, CL, Taeyang, Kang Seung Yoon and "YG NEW ARTIST." Online K-pop fans--aka "netizens"--have many theories for "who's next." 

One thought is that new material is coming from one of the current artists on YG’s roster. Fans may hear the first music from Kang Seung Yoon, who signed on to be a trainee with the company after appearing on singing competition “Superstar K” in 2011. It may also refer to 2NE1’s delayed album (that was originally schedule for April). New music from BIGBANG member Taeyang is said to be coming early this year as well.

Some netizens also think that the news could refer to CL of 2NE1’s solo material. In February, she broke the news with Billboard that she is planning a solo album. CL is the only YG artist (other than trainee Kang Seung Yoon) who has not released his or her own material. Fellow 2NE1 member Bom has released successful solo singles and is listed on the poster.

Another theory--one that that would support the notion that netizens are more like detectives--comes from the numerals of the actual date May 28, 2013. Fans have noticed that the actual numbers add up to 21, i.e. 0+5+2+8+2+0+1+3=21. This led netizens to think the post referred to 2NE1’s (pronounced 21) comeback.

There’s also the possibility an entirely new group is coming to YG. There is a rumored new female act in the works as well as Kang Seung Yoon debuting in a group.

While YG Entertainment teased with this official photo, seemingly unofficial videos have appeared out of nowhere featuring one of their groups.

In a 15-second clips titled "2NE1 LOVES Vol.1 - CL LOVES" and "2NE1 LOVES Vol.2 - DARA LOVES," the bandmembers strike fierce poses draped in high fashion clothing. At first listen, K-pop fans might think the electro-pop production was the start of a new 2NE1 track. It is actually “I’m Busy,” a song from their 2010 album “To Anyone.” 

All these mysterious hints and nothing for netizens to do, but wait. Or continue scheming up new theories. 

What do you think all this is leading up to?