Ga In Chats Life After Co-Starring in PSY's 'Gentleman' Video

Billboard Korea

Meet Ga In, member of popular K-pop Brown Eyed Girls and a successful solo singer, who co-stars in PSY's "Gentleman" music video.

Ga In, the youngest member of girl group Brown Eyed Girls, has become one of Korea’s most sought-after artists after being featured in PSY's second viral music video hit, "Gentleman." Ga In grabbed worldwide attention with her dark eye makeup, wiping the sweat off her face on a treadmill and teasing PSY while seductively eating fish cake. Her role in the video has brought her love calls from various countries.

Billboard Korea caught up with Ga In at a photo studio in late April, less than a week after PSY's latest visual premiered.

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"Billboard wants to interview me?" reflects a baffled Ga In. "I never thought I would get so much attention. I just gave it my all with only one thing on my mind, which was not to harm PSY. This is the first time I’ve received so much love and attention since the release of Brown Eyed Girls’ ‘Abracadabra’ in 2009." (The song was a breakout smash for the girls solidifying Brown Eyed Girls' position one of K-Pop’s most powerful girl groups). 

"I am so thankful that PSY gave us the chance to spread Brown Eyed Girls' name through 'Gentleman.'"

Ga In tells Billboard that she first met PSY last year at the MAMA Music Awards in Hong Kong. Since then, the two kept in touch and PSY suggested that she should be featured in his music video because she has the "strongest Asian appeal."

She thinks her "Asian appeal" comes from her eyes. "I had insecurities about my eyes since I was young, even considered about double eyelid surgery, but look how it turned out to benefit me [laughs]. Sometimes, foreigners look at my eyes and find it amusing that it’s long and thin--I guess that’s my strong point. I want to age gracefully like Jane Birkin or Korean actress, Yoon Yuh Jung.”

Under a tight schedule in and out of Korea, PSY started filming his music video on March 7. It took 48 hours straight, without any sleep. The “sassy” dance--where he shakes his hip with his arms crossed and blank facial expression--originates from Brown Eyed’ Girls’ choreography in “Abracadabra.” Regarding PSY’s reinterpretation, Ga In says, "I always thought the dance was made to fit the melody of ‘Abracadabra,’ but, surprisingly, it went perfectly with 'Gentleman.' Because PSY’s horse dance image is so embedded, I was worried how he was going to pull it off, but he translated the dance well.

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"The scene where I’m eating fish cake with red pepper paste came out really nice," laughs the K-pop star. "The facial expression that I make while biting on the fish cake may come off as provocative, but with the flow of the whole production--I thought it was funny, so I had a lot of fun while doing that scene. There were some embarrassing moments during the shoots, but now it’s in my head as a great memory."

Regarding the amount of interest she’s been getting, she explains, "I think I'm calmer this time around because we [Brown Eyed Girls] received so much love for 'Abracadabra.' I think this is a good opportunity to center and humble myself. I want to continue to make music with Brown Eyed Girls that everyone can relate to just like Cho Yong Pil, who has been in the industry for over 40 years and still makes music that anyone in any age group can love and enjoy. As a solo artist -- I don’t want to chase after the trend either. I want to keep making music. I’m so grateful to my members for supporting me and I’m ready to go wherever PSY calls me to perform!"