G.NA Teams Up With Ilhoon of BTOB for 'Oops!'

Sexy K-pop diva G.NA made her return with new single “Oops!” featuring Ilhoon of rising boy band BTOB. The track is a feel good slab of pop with a simple backing of a twinkling piano line, a funky bass guitar, bursts of synthesizers along with snaps and claps. What the track lacks in an exciting production, it makes up for in its catchy chorus and hook sung by G.NA. While the No. 2 K-Pop Hot 100 hit "2HOT" was a cluster of funky instruments and shout-singing, “Oops!” looks to simplify things this time around with a clean, but still very catchy, piece of pop music.


A major flaw of the song though comes in the overuse of Ilhoon as the featured rapper. The song tells the story of falling in love with a younger man, but Ilhoon is ultimately overused. They share each verse and chorus section with G.NA only performing solo during the too-short bridge section. Having Ilhoon on the bridge or just the chorus would have been more than appropriate to get the man’s perspective for the song. The track also could have easily been promoted as a one-off duet release (like NS Yoon-G and Jay Park’s “If You Love Me” fall single) with G.NA’s official solo comeback set when this song fell off the charts.

If G.NA was looking for a clean, enjoyable single like “Oops!” it would have been an equally acceptable choice to go with the track “First Kiss” from her new mini album, “Beautiful Kisses.” It focuses on G.NA’s vocal talents over an empowering pop-rock production. While not nearly as catchy as the chorus in “Oops!” it would have showed a different side of G.NA and could have been a strong follow-up single if “Oops!” was marketed as a duet.


G.NA’s recent singles saw the K-diva using a strong, sexy image while promoting—an image that sometimes went too far in South Korea when the 2011 single “Banana” was banned from being performed on TV channel MBC likely due to its lyrics—with “Top Girl” and “2HOT” becoming big hits. While “Oops!” is sonically different than the aforementioned singles, its music video is not.

The clip sees a gorgeous G.NA in tantalizing outfits—including her sleepwear, a top that blends into her skin tone and a shirt/pant combo with tons of revealing slits. Plus, there is choreography where G.NA and her back-up dancers shake their bottoms right at the camera before cheekily covering their mouths uttering the “Oops, oops!” hook. Perhaps due to her Western upbringing (she was born in Canada), G.NA has always felt more comfortable and the sexed up image has always worked more in her favor and appears to be a more natural fit. 

With many K-pop acts releasing singles and making comebacks, perhaps due to South Korea celebrating the fun holiday White Day, it will be interesting to see how G.NA and Ilhoon perform on the K-Pop Hot 100 and if this approach will be a successful one.