K-Pop Stars Do the 'Harlem Shake': Miss A's Min Explains

"I’ve been hooked on 'Harlem Shake' since the summer," Min tells Billboard

As the Hot 100 confirms, the "Harlem Shake" is America’s hottest musical entity. The feverish meme has made its way across the globe, spreading to some of K-pop’s hottest stars.

Min, a member of popular girl group miss A (who last charted with the Top 5 hit "I Don’t Need A Man") uploaded an all-star K-pop edition to her personal YouTube account. The video includes Amber of girl group f(x) and Jo Kwon of boy band 2AM.

Fans may be interested to know Min was a fan of Baauer's trap track before it took over YouTube. "I’ve been hooked on 'Harlem Shake' since the summer," she tells Billboard and Billboard Korea. "When I saw it was going viral, I wanted to create one of my own right away! It was relatively easy to shoot as it was just a matter of calling my friends and hanging out."

The version sees Min and company in rare form from their usual polished images seen in music videos and television. Min says the most memorable was when her friend, Marshall, broke the desk as seen in an additional blooper real on her version.

K-pop stars aren’t famous for being particularly active on social media like stars in America and the U.K., but Min does add that she hopes that she can create constant content and hopefully her label JYP Entertainment (home to Wonder Girls, 2AM and 2PM) will be game. "I'm thinking of new things to put on my channel every day but there are a lot  of issues to deal with such as what can go on there and timing," she says. "I just want to have a space where I can interact with my fans and have fun!"

With over half a million views of her "Harlem Shake" video, it looks like this could be a very popular channel.