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SISTAR19 Continues to Dominate + the 5 Most Romantic Songs on K-Pop Hot 100

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INFINITE’s first sub-unit group focus on hip-hop. The splinter group's first single “Special Girl” peaked at No. 6 on the K-Pop Hot 100

SISTAR19 reign another week on the K-Pop Hot 100 with their massive comeback track, "Gone Not Around Any Longer." The song has been dominating Korea's digital music retail charts since its release two weeks ago. Anticipation will undoubtedly be high to see how well its mother group, SISTAR, can do when they decide to release a new single.

Elsewhere, Ra.D, a singer/songwriter, prolific producer and mastermind behind Lee Seung Gi’s 2011 chart-topper “Era Of Love,” broke his four year hiatus with single “It’s Been So Long,” featuring "Superstar K" contestant, Shin Ji Soo. The song, co-produced by himself and Real Collabo’s d.ear, rises to the Top 10 at No. 8 this week (from No. 13) as the two vocalists harmonize on top of the smooth melody.

Via his signature vocals and precise sensibility, Ra.D expresses the heart-rending moment when a man accidentally reunites with a past love.


In the spirit of Valentine's Day, K-Town bring you the five most romantic songs on the chart this week. Many K-pop songs on the chart deal with heart ache and/or heartbreak, but there are still many who focus on the bright side of love! Check out the five most romantic songs on the K-Pop Hot 100 chart right now. Start swooning with your!

5. "? (Q Mark) (feat. Choiza of Dynamic Duo, Zion.T)" Primary (No. 49) 

4. "Morning Call" 10cm (No. 79)

3. "So Cute" With Kwon Jung Yeol of 10cm (No. 63) 

2. "Love Recipe" Clazziquai (No. 16)

1. "Special Girl" INFINITE H featuring Bumkey (No. 19)

Happy Valentine's Day!