SISTAR19 Return to the Grind With 'Gone Not Around Any Longer' Single

Starship Entertainment

In 2012 SISTAR exchanged their usual high-energy style (see hit singles "So Cool" and "How Dare You") for the slow disco groove in their single "Alone." And it worked! The new sound landed SISTAR another No. 1 on the K-Pop Hot 100 and was chosen as Billboard's No. 2 K-pop Song of 2012.

Their sub-unit SISTAR19, a splinter group made up of the group's main vocalist Hyorin and rapper Bora, are taking cues with their new single. The duo debuted with the cheery "Ma Boy" single in 2011, but they've gone a complete 180 going for a sultry concept in their second single "Gone Not Around Any Longer."

Like many of SISTAR's hit singles, super-producer Brave Brothers helmed "Gone Not Around Any Longer." But both the producer and sub-unit clearly worked hard to bring something unexpected to the table. Over a jazzy, saxophone accompaniment Hyorin and Bora coo their way through the song. Each star takes a verse to tell the story of longing for a lost lover and dealing with new realities. Hyorin is heavily showcased in the song as she ad-libs in Bora's rap verse and shows off major diva riffs in the bridge.

In the music video, the two move as one with perfectly in-sync (not to mention sexy) dance moves. The highly-entertaining, at times unorthodox, choreography include multiple hair flips, popping their hips and grinding on a clear table. 

The pair brought the concept for their live comeback performance on Mnet's M! Countdown music program last night. There was a table in place for the girls to swivel on as they stayed together to bring the music video’s choreography to life. Yet in the live show it became even more apparent of the emphasis on Hyorin with Bora ducking away during Hyorin's big belting moment.

To celebrate the girl's comeback, SISTAR19 also held a hip-hop dance perforamnce to a dubstep-inspired version of their new single. Check out both below.