Lil Nas X Gets Left at the Altar in Dramatic 'That's What I Want' Video

Lil Nas X celebrated the long-awaited release of his debut album Montero on Friday (Sept. 17) by dropping the steamy, drama-filled video for the rocking single "That's What I Want." In the Stillz-directed clip, Lil Nas burns into th atmosphere in a fiery crash as fans at a high school football game -- who, of course, have the name of the album painted on their chests -- look up to the skies while No. 55 lands mid-field and is taken off with a re-entry knee injury.

Chilling on the sidelines and icing his leg, he locks eyes with a team mate, who comes back to check on him in the locker room, where they lose the pads and hit the showers as the rapper urgently sings the snappy chorus, "I want someonе to love me/ I need someonе who needs me/ 'Cause it don't feel right when it's late at night/ And it's just me in my dreams/ So I want, someone to love/ That's what I f---in' want."

The scene then switches up to a pair of cowboys strumming a guitar around a campfire before repairing to the tent for some late night action. In a further homage to Brokeback Mountain, Lil Nas is all dressed up and ready to deliver some flowers to his beloved when he makes a shocking discovery while visiting his house.

Heartbroken, X, 22, ugly cries in his truck and drowns his sorrows in booze before finding redemption in the church, where Pose's Billy Porter presents him with a sacramental electric guitar. The rapper -- dressed in a flowing white wedding gown -- then proceeds to shred as his mascara streaks down his tear-stained face after being left at the altar.

It's a fittingly high drama visual for an album that has already given us some other iconic videos for "Industry Baby" and "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)."

Watch the video below.