R&B/Hip-Hop Fresh Picks of the Week: Mereba, Mustafa, Ye Ali & More



We might be coming a day later than usual, but our weekly picks are still perfectly ripe and ready to be added to your most-listened songs playlists.

This week's collection includes tracks from Ye Ali, Liza, Mereba, Larry June and more -- delivering nostalgic sad bops, a few socially-conscious cuts and a little bit of summer vibrations.

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Hong Kong Boyfriend, "see u dance"

Coming in hot with the summer love feels, Hong Kong Boyfriend shares his latest single, "see u dance." The lo-fi leaning instrumental -- with vinyl crackles and sentimental chords sprinkled in -- exudes nostalgia, as the Bay Area-raised singer shyly confesses his love in solitude.

Tamera, "Wickedest"

Tamera's latest single is the embodiment of smoothness, thanks to the U.K.-born singer's exceptional vocal performance. "Wickedest" features an Afrobeats-inspired instrumental with gentle piano and Spanish guitar scales weaved throughout, adding a layer of sensuality to the contagious track and complementing Tamera's enticing lyrical content.

Liza, "Memorize Feelings"

From her latest EP Done Is Done, Toronto's own Liza releases "Memorize Feelings," a true R&B deep cut featuring the songstress' sensory-driven writing. The song reads as mega-relatable, with Liza admitting in the first verse, "I've never known love like this/ I know this may die but I'll still put in the time." Her confessional lyrics, combined with sampled vocals worked into the instrumental, are reminiscent of other Toronto R&B favorites, like collaborator Daniel Caesar and Drake.

Mereba, "News Come"

There's no mistaking Mereba's state of mind on her new EP, Azeb. "News Come" captures the singer's demands and hopes for the future, honing in on the need for social justice, regardless of the media's focus. In the opening line of "News Come," she sings, "Freedom for my people is urgent/ Tell me, who are you serving?" before laying out her reflections, openly establishing, "Wipe that shit out like detergent/ Either that or we burn it." The multi-talented crooner's delivery on the album deep cut is hypnotic, with memorable melodies and ethereal harmonies.

Mustafa, “The Hearse”

Toronto singer and poet Mustafa has a way with words. From a young age, he has been blessed with the skill of making sense of his emotions and the world around him by putting pen to paper. First through poems, and now songs. The 24-year-old has writing credits for artists like The Weeknd and Camila Cabello, but recently developed his own artistry as a promising folk singer. On “The Hearse,” he battles with his hurt towards his “opps,” singing, “There’s a war outside, and I can’t lose all my dawgs/ I can’t choose right or wrong, right or wrong/ We get it on and poppin’.” The song was the last single released before his debut project When Smoke Rises arrived on May 28.

Larry June, “You Gotta”

Larry June is back with another bouncy single from his forthcoming album Orange Print. On “You Gotta,” the Bay Area rapper remains calm, cool and collected as he raps about maintaining a “keeping it pushing” attitude. His new project is slated to drop on June 11.

Blxst & Bino Rideaux, "Movie"

Two of Cali's slickest crooners return with cinematic flair on "Movie." The dynamic chemistry between Blxst and Bino shines as they trade verses about having a blockbuster-worthy bedroom adventure with their lady. It's safe to say that these West Coast boys are always ready for that action. -- CARL LAMARRE

Ye Ali, “No Attachments”

Ye Ali is a charmer and he knows it. But on “No Attachments,” well, the title is self-explanatory. The rapper/producer has made a name for himself both behind-the-scenes as a hit producer and songwriter, and in the foreground as an artist himself. On this new single, he showcases his suave vocals that have come to define his artistry and aesthetic as an irresistible heartthrob. Like that meme of Chip Skylark being chased by a bunch of girls after getting shiny teeth on The Fairly Oddparents. That’s Ye.

Marc E. Bassy, “Trouble”

Marc E. Bassy is back with a groovy new single called “Trouble.” Released via his independently owned label New Gold Medal, the Bay Area singer preceded this release with a two-pack of singles “Atmosphere” and “Zone” at the end of April. “Trouble” is more upbeat than these last two, allowing him to showcase his range as a musician by playing with different sounds.