T-Pain Gets Revenge After Some Players Yelled Racial Slurs in 'Call of Duty'

"I want it all!" Pain yelled after he wiped out the offenders.

T-Pain is not here for your casual racism. The rapper-producer was in the midst of a heated Call of Duty game recently when some of his fellow players decided to defame the Black Lives Matter movement and then repeatedly yell the N-word. So in a TikTok video entitled "T-Pain vs. Racists," the MC got some sweet digital revenge.

"One of these mother----ers is on that n---- s--- and I want all of 'em," Pain said casually from his neon-lit gaming room while rocking white headphones and speaking into a studio mic. Then, as he blasted away at his enemies, he added, "I want every single f---ing one of 'em." Not satisfied until he completely dominated the offenders, he yelled, "I want it all. I want it all. I want every part of it! I want the whole thing!"

After taking down the offending team, the rapper seemed satisfied with the conclusion, laughing, "Ladies and gentlemen, looks like the n---- wins," calling his enemies "stupid idiots" before taking a satisfied sip of water.

The digital domination came the same day Pain admitted to the world that he had no idea how DM requests worked on Instagram. He revealed in a TikTok video that his folder was filled with years of requests and shout-outs from the likes of Fergie, Sech, Pia Mia, Diplo, Kway, Nate Robinson, Tyler Cameron, YBN Nahmir, Viola Davis, Keri Hilson and dozens of others.

Watch the Call of Duty showdown below.