Kid Cudi & Timothee Chalamet Celebrate Rap's 'Weird Little Flute' on 'SNL': Watch

Kid Cudi, Pete Davidson, Chris Redd
Rosalind O'Connor/NBC

Kid Cudi, Pete Davidson, and Chris Redd in 'Saturday Night Live's' "Weird Little Flute" sketch April 10, 2021.

Kid Cudi joined Saturday Night Live's Pete Davidson and Chris Redd in a hilarious sketch celebrating one of rap music's most underrated instruments -- the "weird little flute."

"We got the fits, we got the flow, we got the 808s, we got the Xanned out tempo," the faux hip-hop trio begins the musical skit. "We got that drip-drip-drip, we got that Brut, the only thing that's missing is that weird little flute."

From there, Cudi, Davidson and Redd take viewers into a music video-reminiscent world of nightclubs, pool halls and music stores to show off their flute-playing skills. They also explore the many other practical applications of the airy woodwind instrument, such as using it for a pool cue, chopsticks and back scratcher. At one point, Cudi appears dressed as Harry Potter and waves around a flute spewing lightning blots as if it were a magic wand.

The three-piece also pays homage to some popular rap songs featuring the flute, including Jay-Z's "Big Pimpin'," Beastie Boys' "Sure Shot" and Future's "Mask Off." "Rappers love their little flutes," Cudi raps into the camera.

Later in the skit, actor Timothée Chalamet -- who hosted SNL earlier this year -- makes a cameo to show off his flute-playing skills while dancing alongside Cudi and the gang.

Cudi served as the musical guest on the April 10 episode, which was hosted by actress Carey Mulligan. During his performances, the hip-hop star wore a dress in honor of Nirvana's Kurt Cobain, and also donned a shirt emblazoned with a headshot of late SNL great Chris Farley.

Watch SNL's "Weird Little Flute" sketch featuring Cudi below.