Saweetie Strikes a Twitter Debate by Covering Her Spaghetti in Ranch Dressing

Blair Caldwell


Saweetie certainly stirred the pot Monday (March 1) when a video of her meal -- spaghetti covered in ranch dressing -- got people curious and queasy.

The "Back to the Streets" rapper threw some tongue emojis out while responding to XXL magazine's query if others put ranch on their spaghetti too. Erica Banks is with her on this, as the "Buss It" rapper affirmed, "Ranch goes on spaghetti."

On the other hand, Questlove doesn't seem to think so and thought people tapped into the sugar grits debate way more than the ranch spaghetti one. "Whoa whoa ---yall fighting over Sugar Grits.....but letting @Saweetie live? aight......" he wrote.

Other Twitter users trashed her taste, likening her palate to that of a "drunk Nebraska frat boy" or " a billy goat." They also tossed around comments about her stomach, from joking that it's made of vibranium -- the indestructible element from Wakanda in Black Panther -- to finding memes that show how it toys with her afterward.

Fans were already poking fun at her dietary habits over the weekend, when one person claimed she would most likely eat a plate with a banana, deli meats, peanut butter and cereal and someone responded that she was "the type to spread the peanut butter on the banana and pour the cereal on top."

"That actually sounds delicious," the "My Type" artist declared.

Here are some of the best reactions to Saweetie's ranch spaghetti.