Justine Skye Joined by Bella Hadid, Lil Yachty & Timbaland in 'Intruded' Video

Justine Skye Intruded music video
Courtesy of Nynetineth

Justine Skye "Intruded" music video

All eyes and cameras are on Justine Skye in a music video for "Intruded," her new Timbaland-produced single released Friday (Feb. 19).

The mega-producer stars in the visual alongside Bella Hadid and Lil Yachty, who all try catching Skye's attention from the confines of her security-camera footage and video calls, but to no avail. The 25-year-old R&B singer is too busy hitting all her angles while spinning around on a 360 platform in the six-minute Nina Holmgren-directed visual. "Intruded" spotlights a love that knows no escape because of how hard Skye is willing to keep it around.

"Falling in love can make you feel kind of crazy," she said in a statement. "When I wrote 'Intruded,' I wrote from a place of being completely enamored but vulnerable enough to say it."

"Intruded" is the first single from her upcoming studio album Space & Time that Timbaland produced entirely, which will serve as the follow-up to 2020's Bare With Me (The Album). "I keep calling this the bad bi--- manual because that’s exactly what it is for me," Skye said.

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Watch her "Intruded" music video below.