Cardi B Was Totally Going to Perform 'WAP' At Biden's Inauguration, But...

She had a hot date with a dentist.

Okay, so maybe you were hoping to see Cardi B help celebrate Wednesday's (Jan. 20) historic inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. And, trust her, Cardi was totally supposed to be there to roll through her absolutely NSFW smash "WAP" at the uplifting celebration that included performances from Lady Gaga, Garth Brooks, Jennifer Lopez and other superstars.

But here's the thing, she said she had a hot date with a dental drill. The rapper who always has jokes, posted a classic early Thursday morning (Jan. 21), when she quipped, "Ugh I was supposed to perform wap at the inauguration today but I had a dentist appointment," she wrote along with two sweating it emoji. "....maybe next time."

She was totally kidding, we think, but her fans got it and they were there with some appropriate memes, many of which included the instant classic image of Sen. Bernie Sanders in his Vermont winter tuxedo.

Check out Cardi's tweet and some of the best responses below.