Cardi B Attempts to Drive a Race Car, Do Ballet & More on New Series 'Cardi Tries'

Cardi B
Jora Frantzis

Cardi B

Cardi B can rule the charts and her socials, but can she pop a plié or hit a hairpin turn? Fans will find out on the "WAP" rapper's upcoming Facebook Messenger video series Cardi Tries ___. Cardi announced her newest venture on Thursday morning (Dec. 17) with a hilarious trailer in which she previews all the adventures she will dive into every Thursday.

From explaining to her ballet teacher (who also happens to be Grey's Anatomy star Debbie Allen),  "I used to be a stripper," to freaking out about learning to do a 360 burnout in a stunt car, and admitting that her lack of athleticism explains why she can't bounce a basketball, Billboard's Woman of the Year honoree is here for your entertainment in the teaser. Among the things she plans to try this season are making sushi, weaving wigs, playing video games, ranching and teaching kindergarten.

The collaboration with Jesse Collins Entertainment will post new episodes every Thursday through Feb. 4, with guest stars including Fast & Furious star Michelle Rodriguez, aforementioned actress and choreographer Allen, NBA baller Damian Lillard and country singer Mickey Guyton. The show will also be viewable on video calls via Messenger, Instagram and Messenger Rooms through Watch Together, according to Deadline.

Watch the preview below.