Lil Nas X's Filthy 'Tonight Show' Santa Rap Definitely Landed Him on the XXX-Naughty List

Lil Nas X
Courtesy Photo

Lil Nas X on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.'

Does Santa have an XXXtra naughty list? Because if there is, then Lil Nas X landed on it on Thursday night (Dec. 10). The "Holiday" rapper stopped by The Tonight Show for a duet with old St. Nick (host Jimmy Fallon), and while Mr. Claus kept it G-rated with a holly, jolly rap about spreading Christmas cheer and whooping it up with his reindeer, Santa Nas X got dirtier than a mug of moonshine-spiked eggnog.

"Thank you Santa, my b--ch/ Man, I'm ready to party/ And I'm flyin' in my sleigh/ While I'm chuggin' Bacardi," rapped Nas from his futuristic North Pole pad, where he showed off his neck full of bling and a shimmery silver Santa suit. "And I got a big bag/ Which you already know/ Got a couple candy canes for my ho-ho-hoes."

That was wayyyy more than Santa expected, so he nervously plowed ahead with his milk and cookies rhyme about how happy he is at the North Pole and how much he loves his gift-giving uniform. "F--k your black boots, man/ I got Jimmy Choos/ And I got a Lamborghini/ Just kiddin', I got two," Santa Nas shot back, noting that instead of giving presents he makes kids pay him.

Well, that was more than Santa could take, so he politely asked if they could end the song, which only got Santa Nas more turned up, as he leaned into the "Old Town Road"-esque breakdown. "Let's get naughty, turn up the track/ Grab my sack while I count these stacks," Nas rapped. "Don't need reindeer, that's a fact/ Got my hoes out front and some presents in the back."

Watch Santa Nas X make Santa's cheeks really red below.