Here's How Many People Tuned Into Lil Nas X's Roblox Show

Lil Nas X
Tanima Mehrotra

Lil Nas X

Travis Scott may not be the king of video game concerts for long. After Trav drew more than 45.8 million viewers for his five Fortnight show in April, Lil Nas X put up similarly impressive numbers when he dipped into the kid-friendly virtual game platform Roblox for four shows over two days this weekend.

A spokesperson for the platform confirmed to Billboard that the virtual shows received more than 33 million visits.

The spokesperson said those numbers include fans who may have come back multiple times to catch all or parts of the quartet of shows, or who participated in other parts of the experience that included a pre-show scavenger hunt, a Q&A and Lil Nas X music video performance.

LNX made it worthwhile for his fans, serving up the live debut of his "Holiday" single and performing some of his most beloved hits ("Panini," "Old Town Road," "Rodeo") on themed stages.

The special event also came with an exclusive merch store featuring a capsule collection of Lil Nas accessories, emotes and avatar bundles.

Check out scenes from the event below.