Logic Demands Def Jam 'Pay My Friends and Musicians' Who Worked on 'No Pressure'

Ryan Jay


Logic is publicly expressing his frustration with his record label, Def Jam Recordings, over alleged unpaid fees to his collaborators.

"@defjam can you please pay my friends and musicians that have made my albums great this is ridiculous at this point!" Logic wrote in a lengthy note on Instagram, where he shared a screenshot of a personal text message Saturday night (Oct. 3). "I shouldn’t be getting calls from close friends of mine in the middle of dinner with my Wife about how YOU haven’t paid them from the budget you’ve given me for this album."

The rapper went on to list several people he claims have contacted him about not receiving payment for their work with him, including producer 6ix, musicians Kevin Randolph and Lil Keke, and DJ Rhetorik.

"My boy 6ix ain’t been paid all his money! Like who produced the intro hasn’t been paid all his money! Kevin Randolph who the RattPack know as the voice of Kai who I’ve worked with for years hasn’t been paid his money!!!!!! Lil keke hasn’t been paid his money! AND MY DJ RHETORIK, AFTER I HIT YOU UP 2 MONTHS AGO TO PAY THIS MAN HE STILL HASN’T GOTTEN HIS MONEY," he said.

"These are just the calls I’ve received I don’t even know who else of my friendships you’re f---in up!" Logic added.

Billboard has reached out to Def Jam for comment.

Later in his post, Logic said, "Pay these people what is wrong with you! I pay all my Debts. This is not my debt to pay. these are friends but they are hired musicians and I demand you stop f---ing up my personal relationships what is wrong with you. I’m not trying to start a war with my label. But at this point it is utterly unfair. I mean to this day besides an advance I have never seen a single cent in the 8 years I’ve been signed to this label. But I don’t care about that money. I just Want my homies paid. What’s going on here?!?!"

The rapper then suggested he's considering "unretiring," after announcing his retirement in July, to release one final album in order to fulfill a contract with Def Jam "so I don’t have to deal with y’all no more." No Pressure, his most recent album, dropped on July 24 and hit No. 1 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart and No. 2 on the Billboard 200 albums chart dated Aug. 8.

Read his full note below.