Jason DeRulo's 10 Best Quarantine TikToks

Jason Derulo
David Strib

Jason Derulo

Jason DeRulo is a true multi-hyphenate: singer, dancer, songwriter and TikTok master. The 30-year-old Florida native has made it his job to crank out creative TT videos during quarantine, when his creativity game has been up by a million.

As in millions of views of DeRulo doing everything from a fruit roll-up race with reported new girlfriend Jena Frumes to some seriously sick dance challenges.

Check out 10 of DeRulo's best TikTok's below.

The one where he appears to bust out his front teeth while power-eating corn

Dancing to "Big Racks" with Tayler Holder

Totally failing the bottle cap challenge and taking Max Goodrich out in the process

Quarantine-dancing to his "Savage Love" with his crew while wearing appropriate face coverings, but inappropriate social distancing

Celebrating his culture on National Haitian Flag Day with a hip-swiveling dance to former Haitian president Sweet Micky's "I Don't Care"

Finding a new, athletically-challenging way to put on pants during the lockdown 

Proving that people will literally grab anything you hand them while their on the phone, even if it slithers

Having a hands-free Fruit Roll-Ups race with Frumes to the strains of the Mario Kart soundtrack

Falling up the steps and losing his head to Surfaces' "Sunday Best"

Showing a glimpse into a dog's life