Drake's 'Flip the Switch' Challenge Explained

In case you're wondering why people are flipping their light switches to Drake's 2018 single "Nonstop," it's because there's a new challenge brewing on TikTok. 

The hilarious "Flip The Switch" challenge finds people playing off Drake's "I just flip the switch" lyric by creating fun-filled videos, which include dancing, swapping clothes, and acting a downright fool at -- you guessed it -- the flip of a switch. 

Last week, the hashtag #FlipTheSwitch began buzzing on social media, causing a frenzy amongst fans. Over the weekend, Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren joined in on the fun when she and Saturday Night Live star Kate McKinnon attempted the latest internet craze. 

From the onset, Warren had her phone in-hand while McKinnon -- who suited up as the former presidential hopeful for an SNL skit -- began dancing to the popular Drake tune in front of a mirror. Shortly after Drake's lyrics kicked in, and the lights switched back on, it was the 70-year-old politician's turn to flex her best dance moves. 

The latest celebrity duo to take on the challenge head-on is Jennifer Lopez and her beau Alex Rodriguez. On Sunday (Mar. 8), A-Rod and Lopez stood in front of a mirror while the singer was dancing to "Nonstop." Once Drake's "I just flipped the switch" lyric entered, the lights went off, and A-Rod -- who was earlier holding the phone with his suit on -- switched clothes with his soon-to-be wife and began dancing in her dress and with her earrings. With the light already back on, at this point, J-Lo was recording A-Rod while sporting his hefty suit jacket and sunglasses. 

Take a look at some of the challenges below and find a friend to give it a try.