Ten 'Suga' Lyrics That Show That Megan Thee Stallion Is at the Top of Her Game

Megan Thee Stallion
Cecilia Alejandra

Megan Thee Stallion photographed on April 9, 2019 at BH Ranch in Houston.

Megan Thee Stallion came through on her promise.

On Friday (March 6), Megan dropped her nine-track EP, Suga, which features guest appearances from Kehlani and Gunna. The release of the project came after Megan’s highly-publicized legal issues with CEO Carl Crawford and his 1501 Certified Entertainment record label.

On Sunday (March 1), Megan accused Crawford and his label of prohibiting her from releasing new music. As a result, she filed a restraining order in hopes of voiding her 360 recording contract with 1501. After a Texas federal judge granted Megan’s request, the “Hot Girl Summer” artist reassured fans that new music was on the way.

During an interview with HOT 97 on Thursday (March 5), Megan explained that she is still working on her debut album. “I’m not even gonna call it an album, because I’m still in the middle of making my album,” she explained. “When the situation came up, I’m like, ‘Oh, my God. I gotta put out this music. I don’t want to just leave my fans with nothing ‘cause I don’t know what’s gonna happen.’ The music that I have made and the songs that I really really like so far, I was like, ‘Let’s just drop this s--t on the EP.’”

In honor of Megan's latest effort, Billboard has taken the time to dissect through her lyrics and highlight the bars that showcase Megan’s effortless flow. Take a look at the 10 best lyrics from Suga below.

1. “Sayin' you happy and knowin' you hatin'/ Don't congratulate me, you b--ches is fake (Yeah)/ Just got a bag, went to the lot/ Looked at the dealer and told him, "I'll take it"/ Before I was rich, I was poppin' my s--t/ Now that I'm lit, ain't s--t changed/ Watchin' me blow up, watchin' me glow up” - “Stop Playing” (feat. Gunna)

On the Neptunes-produced "Stop Playing", Megan spits about securing the bag. She also takes a moment to reflect on her humble beginnings growing up in Houston. Megan opts for a softer flow as she spits over the infectious beat.

2. "I would never trip on a n---a if I had him/ B--ch, that's my trash, you the maid, so you bagged him” -  “Savage”

On “Savage,” Megan emphasizes the idea that taking a man seriously is not at the top of her to-do list. Produced by J. White Did-It, Megan’s calm, cool, and collective tone sets the standard for her “Hot Girl” attitude throughout the rest of the track. It's clear that Thee Stallion is loving her freedom and is relishing her single life.

3. “Party like a vato, shots of the blanco/ Guaranteed to knock a n---a up out his zapatos/ I'm tryna make it home, but you lookin' so good/ I would pull it out your pants, right now if I could/ But you know everything I do gon' make it to the net/ So I guess I can wait until I get you to the bed” - “Hit My Phone” (feat. Kehlani)

On “Hit My Phone,” Megan feeds off of Kehlani’s soothing vocals about getting frisky with liquor in her system. Megan proves her versatility once again when she switches her flow from English to Spanish.

4. “Takin' care of my team, they wit' me/ Can't complain, can't do no trippin'/ Sayin' a prayer and I know he hear me/ People keep sayin' I should be the bigger person/ Who's gonna worry 'bout me when I'm hurtin'?” - “Crying in the Car”

“Crying in the Car” portrays Megan’s vulnerable side, which is something fans don’t get to see often. The 25-year-old opens up about the responsibilities of taking care of her loved ones. She also highlights the importance of mental health and having someone to talk to when times get rough.

5. “Gotta stay focused, gotta stay winnin'/ Young b--ch just tryna make these millions/ You know ya really motivatin' me/ I'm really happy that you mothaf--kas hate me/ All them h-es get quiet when I walk in/ They don't bother me, I know them b--ches ain't s--t” - “Crying in the Car”

After reflecting on her responsibilities, Megan spits about staying motivated. On the same track, Megan reiterated the idea that she will not allow negativity to keep her down. Instead, she uses her trials and tribulations as motivation to keep going.

6. “Boy, if you don't see me in your future, you can't see/ My body only work for you, I'm a love machine/ Baby, we a team and you match me like a theme” - “What I Need”

On “What I Need,” Megan is putting it all on the table. She toys with the idea of seeing into the future, and boasts about why she’s the ultimate Hottie.

7. “Dance on the d--k, now, you been served/ I like a d--k with a little bit of curve/ Hit this p---y with an uppercut/ Call that n---a Captain Hook” - “Captain Hook”

Similar to her smash hit “Sex Talk,” Megan spits about her likes in the bedroom. The 25-year-old is confident that she will leave her lover satisfied. Megan's quick and clean delivery proves why this song is a banger.

8. “Ain't no upgradin' when you goin' after me/ Your b---h ain't in my bracket, stop comparing her to me/ You in love with him, but he buyin' s--t for me/ We be spendin' time, but he know it ain't for free” - “Rich”

Speaking of her confidence again, Megan resorts back to her “Hot Girl” mindset. Although the track is only two minutes long, Megan’s rapid-fire pace allows her to get everything off of her chest in just enough time.

9. “I get real money, big rolls, no tummy/ Buy it off the mannequin, I go real dummy/ I'm the hot girl, I'm the it b--ch/ Probably got your favorite n---a on my block list” - “Rich”

“Rich” sees Megan bragging about her wealth. She also reflects on the idea of being a savage and the importance of having a go-getter attitude. Megan’s wordplay on the song does not go unnoticed as she referenced the different forms that money comes in.

10. “It's a difference in the b--ch who rap and the b--ch who rap for real/ I'm dedicated, this my passion in me, can't nobody take it/ B--ch, you know your favorite rapper could never keep up with Megan” - “Ain’t Equal”

In the intro track to the EP, Megan confesses that she is dedicated to her craft, and opens up about the hard work that she has put into her career over the years.