Cardi B Goes on Twitter Rant in Response to Alleged Assault Lawsuit: 'Give Me a F---in Break'

Cardi B
Raymond Hall/GC Images

Cardi B is seen in Soho on Oct. 10, 2019 in New York City. 

Just hours after TMZ reported on an assault lawsuit against Cardi B for an alleged February 2018 incident, the rapper is clearing the air.

The "Bodak Yellow" rapper took to social media to respond to a Pop Buzz tweet reporting that "Cardi B is being sued for assault by a female security guard. The guard claims that Cardi struck her in face and body, spit on her, and called the African American guard racial slurs."

"Why don’t you guys post the part where the doctor office said that that’s not what happen ?" Cardi clapped back. "and if I assaulted why she didn’t press charges ? Why would I put my hands on some1 twice my size by myself while I’m experiencing sharp pain 4 months pregnant ?"

"Then she suing me claiming I used racial slurs because people been trying to push that narrative on me for the part 2 years ...mind you this is the girl who suing me ..[Lighter than] me & look Latin American ..Give me a f---in break !" she continued.

When a fan suggested that Cardi wait to express her thoughts in court with an attorney, and that the rant "isn't helping your case," the rapper agreed that "It’s not but she claiming that I was saying racial slurs to her because she is African American trying to imply I was being colorist mind you the nurse the staff that separated us said it was not true."

She then screenshotted the part of the TMZ article which defended Cardi's case, noting that "I PRAY TO GOD THERES footage of wat happen dat day."

See the rest of her thoughts on the situation below.