Roddy Ricch Shares His Best Kobe Bryant Memory, Discusses Inspiration Behind 'The Box'

During his Billboard cover shoot, Roddy Ricch took some time to play Fishing For Answers, as he shared his favorite Kobe Bryant memory, discussed the inspiration behind his chart-topping single “The Box,” and more.

Pulling questions out of a fish bowl, Ricch is asked to share his best memory of Kobe Bryan, to which he names the time when the basketball star scored 81 points in a game. “Me and my grandpa watched that game together,” he says. “It was a crazy moment.”

Asked what inspired his song “The Box,” which is currently sitting atop the Hot 100 chart for a fifth week, Ricch recalls that it was six in the morning when he made the track.

“I was in New York and…I was probably like eight, nine songs in, and I kind of just wanted to keep the vibes going,” he explains. “And then I put the little door noise at the end, after the song was done. They thought it was finished, but I knew it wasn't done. So, yeah. My inspiration was my life, I guess, you could say.”

You can check out the full video interview above to hear more from Roddy Ricch, including who he thinks are the best L.A. rappers right now.