Meek Mill & Justin Timberlake Take You Inside the Making of 'Believe'

Meek Mill & Justin Timberlake, "Believe"
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Meek Mill & Justin Timberlake, "Believe"

Justin Timberlake has dabbled in the hip-hop world once again, connecting with Meek Mill for the empowering "Believe." The uplifting anthem, along with its celestial companion video, dropped Friday (Feb. 7). JT shared some behind-the-scenes footage of how the visual and track came to be.

Timberlake posted a series of photos, showing him dapping up Meek on set after nailing a shot. There's a two-minute clip that documents the first conversations to spark what we now know as "Believe." "I want somebody to be paralyzed and working to get out of a wheelchair. There might be people getting fired from their job -- just people overcoming the illest sh-- in the world," Meek said.

"It's gotta be quick and general, but also speak to what [Meek's] been through," JT added. Timberlake then coaches the production team to fully execute his vision for the record, all while hopping on the guitar himself and creating part of the beat. In a new press release, the "Suit & Tie" singer praises Meek for their new collaboration. “Meek is at the top of his game right now. The process of creating with him in the studio to help him put what he experienced to music was incredible.”