R. Kelly Girlfriends Azriel Clary & Joycelyn Savage Involved in Physical Altercation at His Chicago Home

R. Kelly
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R. Kelly leaves the Leighton Criminal Court Building after a hearing on sexual abuse charges on May 7, 2019 in Chicago.

The pair were captured arguing on video.

Chicago Police were called to R. Kelly's residence at Trump Tower after an argument broke out between Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage, the two women who had been linked to the embattled singer before he was taken into federal custody.

Officers are investigating the incident after responding to a call of a "battery in progress inside of a residence involving two females" in the 400 block of N. Wabash Ave. at approximately 2:10 p.m., according to a statement from the Chicago Police Department to The Hollywood Reporter. Upon arrival, officers spoke with a 22-year-old female victim who relayed that she and a 24-year-old female were "engaged in a verbal altercation that became physical when the 24-year-old female offender struck the victim in the face."

The two were "engaged in a physical altercation until separated by unknown individuals at the scene." The police said the offender fled and is not in custody, while the victim was taken to Northwestern Hospital in good condition.

The incident occurred only days after the release of Lifetime's follow-up docuseries Surviving R. Kelly Part II: The Reckoning, which provided updates on Clary and Savage. The women were the main subjects of the Emmy-winning docuseries who made headline news when they stood by the indicted singer during a joint interview with CBS' Gayle King last year. Clary and Savage had been living with the 52-year-old Kelly for four and five years, respectively, despite their families' pursuits to bring them home.

The Reckoning aired across three nights and on the Jan. 4 finale, the filmmakers updated viewers that Clary, 22 (who met Kelly at 17), had left Kelly's condo in Trump Tower and reunited with her estranged family after the docuseries wrapped filming in December. Savage, 24 (who met Kelly at 19), however, still remained at Trump Tower.

"With Joycelyn, we hear trickles of information about what’s going on. We have an idea of who may be with her, I don’t know if we have enough evidence yet to say it publicly," Jesse Daniels, executive producer of The Reckoning, recently told THR. 

On Wednesday, Clary posted a live Instagram story of her encounter with Savage at Trump Tower. In the video, which was captured by TMZ, Savage is seen confronting Clary, calling her "disrespectful" and "evil" before there is an altercation and the phone falls to the floor. In the audio of the video, another woman and man can be heard attempting to break up the women. Clary is heard shouting at Savage that Kelly is going to jail because "he was sleeping with me as a minor." 

Clary posted another live video to her Instagram account afterwards, where she filmed herself sharing details about what happened to the questioning officers who arrived at the scene. In that video, Clary claims Savage "attacked me and I had to defend myself, so I would like to press charges immediately." She says that a woman whom Clary refers to as a "handler" for Kelly came to the apartment with Savage to get Kelly's items, like awards and Grammy trophies, in response to the airing of the documentary. 

Clary recalls to the officers that she told Savage that Kelly had sex with a minor, saying, "That minor was me," and that's when Clary claims Savage attacked her with her phone, her hands and was trying to kick her. She then gives the officers Savage's phone number, but warns that "Robert" (Kelly's full name is Robert Sylvester Kelly) will advise Savage to change her number after this incident.

Clary also tells the officers that she is leaving Trump Tower soon: "I'm leaving it doesn't matter. Most likely in a day or two."

Since the release of The Reckoning, Clary has taken to social media to post tweets seemingly referencing her time with Kelly. "God, give me and my family strength," she wrote ahead of the docuseries release. On Wednesday, she posted to her Instagram followers, "If I could be 17 again..."

Kelly is currently in federal custody in Chicago and is scheduled to stand trial in April 2020 on 13 federal charges related to child pornography and obstruction of justice. He faces 26 other state and federal counts related to criminal sexual abuse, sexual exploitation of a child and racketeering. Two other trail dates are set for 2020.


TSR STAFF: Tanya P.! @Tanyaxpaynee ____________________ #Roommates, if you didn’t already know today is #R.kelly’s birthday and his rumored girlfriends were on IG Live putting the paws on each other! ___________________ We don’t know what sparked the fight and though we couldn’t see the women physically fighting you can hear in the background that they were getting into a physical altercation. ____________________ THE REAL TEA is Azriel started getting loose at the lips and taking about a man named Rob. In her statement she said “He’s been lying to y’all as**s and has people like me lying for him. And that’s why we never watched the documentary.” She also said during the altercation that #JoycelynSavage is “going to jail” because she has “two charges.” _____________________ She alleges one of them being “sleeping with a minor”  and now after they had a physical fight, assault. Whew! The tea is spillingggggg. ----

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