City Girls Reveal How Well They Know Each Other, Guessing Childhood Crushes, First Concerts & More

City Girls’ Yung Miami and JT are helping Billboard kick off 2020 as they grace our first magazine cover of the year. During their photo shoot, the duo sat down to prove how well they know each other when it comes to favorite movies, childhood crushes, and first concerts.

In the video, which you can watch above, Yung Miami is first asked what JT’s favorite movie is, to which she replies with a laugh, “That b---h ain't got no favorite movie. That b---h don't even watch TV!”

JT then reveals that her top film is The Players Club, adding, “I just came to dance with y’all…That is my favorite part, when Junior's bachelor party…I don't watch TV since back in the days, that's why it's a old ass movie!”

When asked what the first concert Yung Miami ever attended was, JT correctly answers that it was the Scream Tour, yet she is less successful when asked to name Yung Miami’s favorite childhood artist.

“Back in the days, B2K was really hot and nobody wanted the backup dancer so I'm gonna go with Omarion 'cause he was like the leader of the group,” JT explains, but Yung Miami confesses that it was Chris Brown.

You can check out the full video above to find out which emoji JT overuses, what Yung Miami’s go-to dance move is, and much more.