Juice WRLD's 10 Best Music Videos

Juice WRLD
John Shearer/WireImage

 Juice WRLD poses during rehearsals for the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall on Aug. 18, 2018 in New York City.   

Whether he took viewers on a cinematic adventure or a joy ride through his alluring tour experiences, the late Juice WRLD always used his music videos as a chance to let his supporters into his world. The Chicago rapper was known for his ability to inject emotion not only into his melodic hooks and verses, but also being able to portray a wide range of feelings through his thoughtful visuals as well, whether it was pure excitement or deeply rooted pain.

It's worth noting that several of his videos are directed by longtime collaborator, friend and fellow Illinois native, Cole Bennett, including the hit "Bandit" featuring NBA Youngboy and his smash hit, "Lucid Dreams." Despite Juice WRLD's relatively short career on the mainstream front, he achieved immense success and proved to be one of hip-hop's most promising young acts. Alongside countless chart-climbing hits, at the end of 2018, he was named Billboard's top new R&B/hip-hop artist, and earlier this year, he was awarded top new artist at the Billboard Music Awards.

As we reflect on Juice WRLD's career and legacy, here are 10 of his best music videos.

10. "Bandit" featuring NBA Youngboy (2019)

NBA Youngboy and Juice WRLD have the time of their lives in a swamp, popping wheelies on ATVs, holding baby alligators and cruising through the water in their fun-filled video for "Bandit." The collaborative track marked a high point for the artists, as the song cracked the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 earlier this fall. 

Producer Nick Mira instantly knew the video was going to be a hit once he found out who would be directing the visual. "A week before 'Bandit' drooped, I saw Cole [Bennett] was doing the video for it, and I knew it was gonna be outta here," he told Genius during his 'Deconstructed' episode. 

9. "Robbery" (2019)

Stumbling through a wedding with a full bottle of Hennessey, a heartbroken Juice WRLD watches his ex-lover being married off to somebody else. Director Cole Bennett brings a twist by the time Juice reaches the final sips from his bottle, and he winds up throwing a lit cigarette into a bouquet as he walks out, eventually leading to the complete demolition of the wedding venue.

8. "Armed and Dangerous" (2019)

The "Armed and Dangerous" music video is able to capture the energy Juice WRLD is known to have while performing and being on the road. Despite his joyous personality and success, Juice makes sure people know on the song he is still not to be messed with. "Mama, your son too famous, he on everybody playlist/ But he's still armed and dangerous, he'll pop at a stranger," he raps.

7. "Realer N Realer" with Future (2018)

Future Hendrix, the man with an undeniable ear for good collaborations, linked up with Juice WRLD for their joint project Wrld on Drugs last year. "Realer N Realer" is an upbeat cut from the project, with a visual to match the hype. Its music video gives viewers an inside look of a typical day for Juice and Future in a trap house, and even features a cameo from Young Thug.

6. “Fast” (2019)

As Juice WRLD delved deeper into his pop lane, his video for "Fast" literally gives viewers a smooth and psychedelic ride, with his calming vocals washing over in the background. The Alexandre Moors-directed video channels a Need For Speed vibe throughout, while Juice sings about his life and career moving at an alarmingly fast pace.

5. "All Girls Are The Same" (2018)

Ahead of the enormous success of "Lucid Dreams," the single "All Girls Are The Same" allowed Juice WRLD to magnify his mainstream debut, with the song showcasing the sorrow of his signature sound. Its video shows a lovesick Juice laying alone to deal with his thoughts.

4. "Hear Me Calling" (2019)

Another track that showed off his versatility, "Hear Me Calling" comes packaged with a video game-esque visual, equipped with CGI and an action-filled rescue mission. Juice is sent on a quest to save his kidnapped girlfriend as he earnestly sings about trying to get in touch with her along the way. The Bradley and Pablo-directed music video keeps viewers on their toes to see if the determined Juice WRLD winds up victorious.

3. "Black & White" (2018)

In "Black & White," Juice WRLD takes viewers on a vivid journey through a party gone wrong. The video shows the tragedies of taking things way too far, as the once fun-filled get-together gradually takes an extremely dark turn and becomes a vigil instead. 

2. "Lucid Dreams" (2018)

No Juice WRLD list is complete without the song that thrust him into the spotlight. The raw emotion oozing through “Lucid Dreams” was paired with a helping hand from each of Juice's trusted longtime collaborators, Nick Mira on production and Cole Bennett behind the lens for the music video, made for an unmistakable recipe for success. The video currently sits at a monstrous 400+ million views on YouTube, making it Juice's most successful visual.

1. "Lean Wit Me" (2018)

The storyline-rich visual for "Lean Wit Me" depicts the dire consequences and heart-wrenching realities of substance abuse as Juice WRLD navigates his own addiction and loses a loved one along the way. The Sherif Alabede-directed music video was the third single released from Goodbye & Good Riddance, and features a message promoting the National Drug and Alcohol Treatment Hotline.