Lil Mosey Is a Step Closer to Becoming a 'Certified Hitmaker': 'I've Worked For This'

Lil Mosey
Jeremy Deputat

Lil Mosey

Last summer, Lil Mosey stopped by the Billboard office to give a sneak peak of his soon-to-be released debut project, Northsbest. Included in the stash was “Greet Her,” a stand-out gem from the project that sampled the R&B classic “Yo,” by Chris Brown.

A year later, the once timid Seattle rapper would smoothly secure a cosign from the R&B hitmaker, as Breezy himself appeared on Mosey’s sophomore project, Certified Hitmaker, which was released on Nov. 8.

“When he heard ‘Greet Her,’ he said he usually doesn’t always f--k with when people remix his songs, but he said I did it differently and he really liked the way I did it,” Mosey says about how their collab transpired. “Then, he heard ‘G Walk’ and he was like, ‘This one, I wanna get on this one.’ Then he just started going in and freestyling, going crazy.”  

When making the decision to name his project Certified Hitmaker, Lil Mosey is able to comfortably back up his bold title -- and his numbers don’t lie. The project went on to debut on the Billboard 200 at No. 12, while its lead single, “Stuck In a Dream” featuring Gunna, has already garnered over 78 million Spotify streams since its release in September. 

By the age of 17, Mosey also already has a platinum record (“Notice”), two full length projects and his very own Northsbest Fest in his home city of Seattle -- and he's about to hit the road for his international tour next February. He recently took a moment to reflect on where he is currently at in his journey right now, bringing him back to his first moment of inspiration to become a rapper: listening to Meek Mill’s discography. “[Dreams and Nightmares] was the reason I even wanted to make music,” he writes in a tweet. “I was 10 listening to every word. Shit crazy to think about where I’m at now!”

To this day, Mosey refers to Meek Mill as one of his biggest inspirations. “I’m basically at that point in my career, where he was at that time,” he says. “Thinking about that mixtape brings back memories of when I was a kid and thinking about ‘Oh I want to do this, I want to do what he’s doing.’ I’m trying to be the biggest out here.” 

As stated in his tweet, Lil Mosey started delving into rap at the age of 10, which is not far from the age of some of his most dedicated fans. “Some shows are ages 16 and up, so there’d be like 11-year-old girls just sitting outside the shows for hours,” he says. At the beginning of his career, he didn’t predict he would have such a young fanbase, but now sees this reality as an opportunity to instill inspiration. “I think about it sometimes, about how my fans are really that young, so I should show them positive shit.”

Despite Lil Mosey’s career exponentially expanding, he rarely ever loses his cool and even says he hardly experiences growing pains. From being booked for festivals all across the nation, to putting up monstrous streaming numbers, Mosey remains calm and collected through the wild ride thanks to his firm belief he deserves everything he has achieved so far. “I’ve worked for this. Everything so far has been going smooth,” he calmly concludes. “I definitely feel like I was ready for all of this.”