Fat Joe Denies Retirement Rumors, Compares 'Family Ties' Album to Dr. Dre's 'The Chronic'

"If this is the last thing you guys ever hear from me, I'm leaving on a high note for real."

With Fat Joe's joint album Family Ties with Dre of Cool & Dre dropping Friday, the Bronx native joined Billboard's Carl Lamarre, Bianca Gracie and chart expert Trevor Anderson as a special guest for the second episode of our On the Block series.

Joey Crack talked everything surrounding what could be his final album, showed love to The Weeknd and Lil Wayne, and reflected on his time judging the NYC portion of Rhythm + Flow.

"We got a classic," he proclaimed. "This album, I'm calling it a Hamilton, to where 10 years from now we could probably make a play of it. Very Chronic-ish. I'm really proud of this album." The project will feature assists from Eminem, Mary J. Blige and Lil Wayne, with a few surprises in store. "If this is the last thing you guys ever hear from me, I'm leaving on a high note for real."

Just watching Weezy from afar, Joe picked up on Wayne's otherworldly work ethic in the studio. "Even though he was the hottest rapper in the game, he was never in the club," he explained. "He was just there every night and dedicated. I would just watch him stare at the speaker and flick different flows."

When the "All the Way Up" rapper guested as a judge on Netflix's Rhythm + Flow alongside Cardi B and Jadakiss, he become known as the "Simon Cowell" of the trio for being critical of contestants. "I was really upset with the talent New York showcased. I'm not a hater, I love the hip-hop culture regardless," he stated. "I'm sitting next to Cardi B and Jadakiss. If you win the prize, you get $250,000 and a record deal, you're on Netflix, and you're trash! I don't want to hear your story, I'm about the music."

Before heading out, Fat Joe recalled a time The Weeknd was performing at Madison Square Garden, where a certain buzz and electricity flowed throughout NYC, which he doesn't even remember Madonna being able to match at her peak. "The light poles were talking to me," Joe said. "Everywhere was a buzz! I never felt that with nobody ever in the history of music!"

Watch the episode below. Family Ties releases Friday (Dec. 6).