Is French Montana the Biggest 'White Chicks' Fan? Shawn Wayans Puts Him to the Test For 'Quizzed': Watch

In the latest episode of Billboard’s "Quizzed," White Chicks superfan French Montana meets Shawn Wayans to test his knowledge when it comes to the 2004 cult classic film, which saw Shawn and Marlon Wayans play FBI agent brothers who have to go undercover as two white sisters, in an attempt to thwart a possible kidnapping plan.

French Montana excitedly kicks things off by telling Wayans how much he enjoyed and appreciated the movie, stating, “Y’all wasn’t afraid to experience a new role. A lot of people won’t even take that chance.”

Split into three rounds, the first one entails answering true or false questions, such as whether Marcus wears size 10 shoes. Montana correctly responds false, adding that it’s actually a size 14.

Montana is also asked whether Marcus (as Tiffany) is auctioned off to Latrell Spencer (played by Terry Crews) for $15,000, and he accurately says it’s false. It was, in fact, for a whopping $50,000.

In the second round, when Montana answers general trivia questions, he is first asked what song Karen, Tori, Lisa and Latrell all know the words to. While he can’t remember the name of the song or the artist (“A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton), he does remember the tune and attempts to sing it.

Montana is also asked what Brittany means when she says she is going to have a “BF.” Although he can’t recall what the term stands for, Wayans does perfectly re-create the line when giving him a hint, stating in his character’s voice, “I’m so freaking pissed.”

When asked what type of dog the Wilson sisters have and what the dog’s name is, Montana somewhat accurately (and hilariously) responds, “It’s between a chihuahua and another one of those fluffy little joints. Baby vibe.”

In the final round, Montana is asked to name which character said a handful of movie quotes, such as “Your mother’s so dumb, she went to Dr. Dre for a pap smear” and “I’m just one big emotional wreck. Could you guys go get me some Midol and a Snickers?”

Ultimately, Montana does pretty well, earning himself a stuffed Pomeranian that looks just like Baby.

“I know you smoke a lot of weed, and you have a pretty good memory for a weed head,” Wayans tells Montana. “So I’m gonna give you a round of applause, friend. You did good…On behalf of me and Marlon, here’s Baby.”

Shawn Wayans is currently working on The Boo Crew, a series of specials, books, music and live stage show all created, written and directed by the Wayans brothers. Following nine diverse kids who grow up in Boo York City, the series emphasizes instilling good moral compasses in children. Shawn Wayans Presents The Boo Crew (with live mascots) will be performing at the 88th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade, airing Dec. 13.

You can check out the full "Quizzed" episode above.


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