Dr. Dre Reflects on Crafting '2001' Ahead of Album's 20th Anniversary

Dr. Dre's 2001: The Making of a Classic
Courtesy of Apple Music

Dr. Dre in "Dr. Dre's 2001: The Making of a Classic"

Ahead of the classic's 20th anniversary on Saturday, Dr. Dre sat down with Jimmy Iovine and Beats 1 to reflect on making his 2001 album. Dre went behind-the-scenes of crafting a project that he originally didn't even plan to be on much after starting over for the second time in his career.

"I'm trying to put myself in the studio with a lot of great artists. Then I'm trying to get on a song or two here," he said. "I didn't want to appear on the album at all, to be honest. I just wanted to produce and find artists. D.O.C. talked me into getting on the mic and doing this thing."

He then pointed to connecting with Eminem as "the missing link" that propelled the project to new heights. "Hearing that demo with Eminem, and how it made me feel, then meeting him and how we saw eye-to-eye as far as the work goes and what we wanted to do in the studio. He was hungry, I was hungry, and it was that spontaneous combustion. We just clicked and that brought everything together."

Jimmy Iovine was vehemently against "The Next Episode" being the first single, which forced Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg to go back and craft "Still D.R.E." Jay-Z wrote the entire track in less than 24 hours, according to Dre.

Dre even had some advice for newer artists. "I think it's about the substance. Right now, it feels a little like it's quantity over quality. What are you going to dedicate yourself to, the art or the money?" he asked.

Watch the clip below. Listen to 2001 here.