Here's How a Trip to the ATM Inspired DaBaby's Viral Hit 'Suge'

In this week’s episode of ‘How It Went Down,’ DaBaby breaks down how he created his viral sensation “Suge,” explaining that he decided to hit the studio after checking his bank balance on an ATM machine while on his way home from dinner.

DaBaby tells Billboard that just a couple of weeks after inking his deal with Interscope Records, he was out for a private meal at Crustacean in Los Angeles. After leaving the restaurant, he decided to call up his manager Arnold Taylor to ask where his check from the deal was, and was told to take a look at his account because the payment should already be in there.

So, DaBaby told his driver to stop at an ATM on the side of the street. The rapper -- who usually would just check his bank balance on the screen -- decided to this time print out a receipt, instead. Returning to the car, he took a look at it and was thrilled when he saw what was on there. It was then that he decided to swing by the studio, where he created “Suge.”

There, he met up with producer JetsonMade, who started playing some melodies, while DaBaby sat in a chair right by him. “When I'm cooking up, I like to be like, close to the producers,” DaBaby says. “I like to sit right next to them to catch each other's vibe.” As the melody and beat played, DaBaby started putting the words to the song together, and “Suge” was born.

You can check out the full video with DaBaby above.