Casanova Says Showing People 'Behind His Scars' With His New Record Was a 'Healing Process'

Casanova spoke with Billboard’s Bianca Gracie at the Billboard and Vibe R&B Hip-Hop Power Players event on Thursday (Oct. 17), chatting about his favorite spots in Brooklyn and what inspired his new album Behind These Scars.

Seeing as he has a track out called “So Brooklyn,” Casanova is asked what the best non-tourist spots in Brooklyn are that people should check out. He tells Billboard that people have to go to Flatbush and Church, Empire (where the skating rink used to be), and downtown Brooklyn.

“Go to the slums, too,” he adds. “I like to go to the slums when I go to places. So, just find the slums, go to the projects. Enjoy yourself, don't go with no jewelry on or nothing. No money in your pocket. But just go sightseeing in the projects. You got Marcy Projects, you got Vanderveer, you got some projects out in Brooklyn.”

In the interview, Casanova is also asked what fans should take away from his new record Behind These Scars and what inspired the title.

"Behind These Scars is just, I'm just showin' 'em what's really behind my scars,” he explains. “So, that's what I named it and I feel like a lot of people see scars and don't wanna tell about it, don't wanna talk about it. But talk about it, it's good. It's a healing process.”

You can check out the full video interview with Casanova above, plus take a look at a clip of his performance at the Power Players event below. 


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