Stalley Powers Through Mental Health Struggles to Tell His Story With Liberating 'All So New' Video: Watch

Stalley All So New
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Stalley, "All So New"

Stalley launched into his next era of music with the candid "All So New" in September, which saw him open up about battling his inner-demons and the toll it's taken on his mental health throughout his career. The Ohio native returned Wednesday (Oct. 16) to bring the single to life with a liberating video.

Stalley takes a stroll through the city in the Rook-directed flick, as he runs through the methods he's used to heal himself, while helping others around town in the process. Not sure if it was planned or not, but someone bikes through the shot in the midst of the clip and daps up Stalley, as the authentic moment was actually left as part of the final cut.

"It’s my story," Stalley said of his new music. "I’ve been getting closer to my fans lately, so I really wanted to let them in and have them be a part of my growth and transition into independence. By being independent and having total control of my career, I now have the freedom to create freely and bare my whole self to my true supporters."

The Blue Collar Gang boss kicks off his The Head Trip Tour in Chicago on Nov. 7. Watch the "All So New" video below.