Jessie Reyez Blasts America's Immigration Laws in Sobering 'Far Away' Video

Jessie Reyez Far Away
Courtesy Photo

Jessie Reyez, "Far Away"

Jessie Reyez refuses to remain silent about America's current immigration policies. Her latest track, "Far Away," released on Friday (Oct. 4), takes aim at President Trump and those in power. 

The potent visual finds the Colombian-Canadian singer traumatized after realizing her relationship had been torn to pieces after her lover was scooped up in a violent ICE raid. However, she does reunite with him at the end, but in unfortunate circumstances, as the couple is shown hugging locked inside a cage. Striking images of the U.S.-Mexico border and Trump are also displayed through a television to drive her point home.

"I see myself in those that are being wrongfully persecuted. I see my dad anytime I see people disrespecting a Latino because they can't speak English properly. I see those things," she told CBS News. "I wanted to make it as potent a visual as possible. So it can be a catalyst in your brain."

Reyez's debut album is due in the early part of 2020. The project will reportedly home in on themes of life, death and separation. 

Watch the "Far Away" video below.