Lil Nas X Brings Robotic 'Panini' Performance to 'Ellen,' Reveals His Relationship Status

Lil Nas X took his talents to The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday (Sept. 23), where he got the crowd involved for his energetic "Panini" performance, and even sat down for a one-on-one interview with DeGeneres to talk about his dating life, rise to fame, and more.   

The Atlanta native kept the theme going from his futuristic music video, as he donned the metallic robot suit and used the city from his 7 EP cover in the background. Unlike his 2019 VMAs performance, Nas X vocalized alongside his live band since he wasn't breaking out a serious dance routine which caused to him to lip-sync during the award show. 

Prior to coming out and telling the world he was gay, Nas X says he gave his dad and sister a heads-up first. "The same month I came out, I told them and pretty much gave them a heads-up a little earlier in the month before I did it," he said.

As far as the timing, the 20-year-old said coming out was something he knew he should've already done in the past. "But I had to worry about family, friends and how they would react," he states. "Also, how it would be good for the youngins who are listening to me right now and are going to have to go through stuff like this in the future."

When asked about his relationship status, Nas X confirmed that he's "somewhat" dating somebody at the moment. 

Watch his performance and interview with Ellen DeGeneres below.