Tyler, the Creator Searches for Answers in 'A Boy Is a Gun' Video: Watch

Tyler, the Creator, "A BOY IS A GUN*"
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Tyler, the Creator, "A BOY IS A GUN*"

In May, Tyler, the Creator wore his heart on his sleeve for his poignant "EARFQUAKE" video, guest-starring Tracee Ellis Ross. After being swept away by love, Tyler storms back Monday (Sept. 16) singing a different tune with his newest visual "A BOY IS A GUN."

Pierced by heartbreak, the lovestruck MC trots around a large white mansion watching a young man doing his daily routines. Whether he's trying to eat breakfast, packing his clothes or taking a dip inside the pool, Tyler is there eyeing the man's every move. Like his previous video, Tyler is sporting a blond wig with a vibrant-colored suit.

Back in July, Tyler touched on his evolution as an artist in an interview with Zane Lowe. "Since day one, I've always wanted to make the prettiest shit that's borderline boring, or the hardest fucking shit," Tyler recalled. "And I've been trying to mix those together since my first album."

"If I started at Flower Boy, and then [IGOR], I would be a god," he later admitted. "I didn't realize I should stop yelling on songs until I was 24."

Watch Tyler's video for "A BOY IS A GUN" below.